A favorite for the holidays

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since my son and I went to a preview screening of Richard Curtis’ “Love Actually,” featuring just about every British actor working at the time.

Colin Firth. Liam Neeson. Bill Nighy. Emma Thompson. Keira Knightley. Martin Freeman. Andrew Lincoln. Hugh Grant. Alan Rickman. 

love actually

Plus a nice turn by an American, Laura Linney. What a cast!

My son and I both were charmed by the movie; however, a couple of friends who went with us to the screening didn’t like it as much.

Ultimately, the moviegoing audience at large seemed to agree with us, though.

Since then, the film has become a cable/satellite staple, and certain scenes in it are now oft-used pop culture memes (I’m thinking of Hugh Grant’s dancing prime minister and, especially, the bit with the “To me, you are perfect” sign at the door).

Watching this film over and over is a holiday tradition for my daughter and me.

It’s funny, sad and, ultimately, very life-affirming.

It’s a film that I like a lot. Love, actually.

Anyway, here’s a list of 15 favorite quotes from the movie, courtesy of USA Today. 

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